16″ Groan Tube Noise Makers 5 Pack

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MAKE SOME NOISE – Let’s make some noise! These groan tubes make bizarre but funny sounds when you flip them over. Instantly grab attention from everyone and make people laugh out loud together.

LETS PARTY – They are an interesting way to trick your friends and family during a party. The strong moan-like sound can bring a fun atmosphere and keep the party vibes going! They are also perfect goodie bag fillers for boys and girls that work with just about any theme.

CREATE DIFFERENT SOUNDS – You’re not limited to just one groan. Depending on the angle and force that you shake the tubes, you will get different sound effects. Go exploring and create your very own groan concert!

KIDS LOVE THEM – You can also use them to make your children happy. Kids will love these fun tubes and play with them all day long. One package contains 5 groan tubes (pink, yellow, orange, blue, and green). Each is 16 inches long, small, and easy to carry around.