Squeezable Stress Balls – Anti-Stress Balls


SQUEEZE N’ RELAX – Pure relaxing! With an ideal size for single hand seizing. Set consists of 4 different ball games among basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. All of your anxiety will be taken out on the stress ball.

FRIENDLY SOFTNESS – Featuring nothing but the finest, safest and top quality polyurethane materials which ensure a longlasting lifecycle and a perfect sense of touch. The LAST squeeze stress ball you’re going to buy!

PEOPLE LOVE THEM – Handpicked fidgeting toys to help kids with autism/ADHD/OCD, daily stress management, and also serves as a treatment for arms or hand recovering. What’s better? You could choose the ball game you like the most!

VERSATILE USAGE – Super fun toys, gifts, standalone centerpieces, party favors, or stocking stuffers for children. Multiple ball game choices appeal to any child and adult alike while improving strength as well as releasing tension.