Novelty Place Dynamic Movement Stretchy Sensory Body Socks for Kids, Help Children with Autism, ADHD and Improve Sensory Processing Sox – for Children 38″-45″ Tall, 6-9 Years Old (Small) – Blue


✔ OVERWHELMING SATISFACTION – Body Socks are a fun activity used regularly in many occupational therapies. With the new and improved design, Novelty Place Sensory Stretchy Socks are now available to deliver an enhanced and better sensory stimulation than the original!
✔ PROVIDE A SENSE OF CALM – It is likened to the idea of a sleeping bag, where one can climb completely inside. It provides kids, who crave sensory input, a calming and organizing feeling, all over the body at the same time. Perfect sensory toys for autistic children.
✔ ELASTIC QUALITY AND SAFE FABRIC – Do not waste your time on those cheaply made fidget toys. The Novelty Place Movement Sensory Socks are made from very stretchy fabric that is perfectly skin-safe for your little beloved one and provides resistance when they move. 100% seamless!
✔ OUR FAVORITE LEARNING TOY – A body sock is portable, fun and can be used creatively! BAG DANCE, YOGA POSES, MOTOR ACTIVITIES, RACES, QUIET SPACE and a ton of sensory activities! Size: 47” Height X 27” Width, idea for children from age 3-5, 38-45 inch tall.