Jellyfish Paper Lanterns 6 Pack

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Enchanting Design – Crafted to sway like real jellyfish, these lanterns pair seamlessly with shimmering ocean-themed stickers. Ideal for mermaid birthdays, baby showers, or any oceanic celebration. Whether indoors or outdoors, let the beauty of the sea flow through your space.
Dive into the Ocean Vibe – Emulating the grace of jellyfish, and adorned with marine touches like mermaid tails and shells, our lanterns transport you to the depths of the mysterious ocean, making any event truly magical.
Hassle-Free Assembly – Set up in a breeze with our intuitive design. Carefully fit the metal frames to avoid tears, When the party’s over, simply flatten and store for the next adventure. Each pack includes 6 lanterns in 3 colors – pink, green and purple.
Versatile Elegance – Beyond parties, these lanterns shine in home decor, exhibitions, shopping malls, and art projects. Each lantern comes with radiant silk strips, ensuring they gleam beautifully, capturing every eye and elevating your event’s ambiance.