Super Bright LED Motion Sensor Lights


✔ MOTION ACTIVATED – Fear to stumble in the dark everynight? These lights will turn on automatically when they sense motion. Perfect as a night light for stairs, steps, hallways, closets & cabinets.

ENERGY EFFICIENT – They won’t light up in the daytime or when surround is bright to save energy. Also these sensor lights feature auto-deactivation after 15-20 seconds of inactivity.

STICK ANYWHERE – Comes with super-strong double-sided adhesive pads to stick on anywhere. Also the built-in magnet allows you to put them on metal surfaces. These lights are able to be used anywhere you want!

SPECIFICATIONS – Each light is 3 inches wide and 0.7 inch thick, contains 6 LEDs. The detection range is up to 8 feet. Stays on for 15s after activation. (Note: Do not place these lights close together as this will trigger the light sensor and only one of them will turn on).