3 Pack Squeeze-a-Bean Mugen Puchipuchi Fidget Toy


✔ IT IS ADDICTIVE – Squeeze these beans! It is just so amazing and addicting! Greatly help ease anxiety and keep fidgety fingers engaged.
✔ FIDGET N’ RELAX – Calm down and fidget on! If you always feel finding something to occupy your hand, Try sqeeze-a-bean!
✔ BOOST YOUR FOCUS – Unlike fidget spinners, which are just a novelty toy to play with, Squeezing can really relieve nervousness, get rid of pent-up agitation and, therefore, greatly boost your focus.
✔ SPECIFICATIONS – Pea pod is about 2.75 x 0.75 x 0.6in. The pea in the middle of the pod has a very cute and random emoji.