Mesh and Marble Fidget Toys 10 Pcs


  • ✔ FIDGET N’ RELAX – Calm down and fidget on! Guide the marble back and forth, bend the mesh or twist it, great to keep your hands busy and clear your way towards calmness and undivided focus throughout the day.
  • ✔ NO MORE NAIL BITING – Keeping your fingers busy with our fantastic sensory tools for stress relief at least, help you and your kids stop unhealthy and annoying habits like nail biting or cuticle picking.
  • ✔ SMART & COLORFUL – These brightly colored fidget toys are small and fully portable, fit in your pocket so that you can take them to school, work or travel, wherever fidgeting may take place.
  • ✔ EXPERTS’ STATEMENT – Fidgeting is essential for children with ADHD/ADD/OCD or Autism. The best way to help with focus, attention and calming. Recommended by therapists, teachers and professionals.