Inflatable Ride-On Pegasus


Inflatable Ride-On Pegasus


Novelty Place Giant Pegasus Inflatable Ride-On is a great addition to your upcoming party or vacation.

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Each Pegasus Ride-on is 6.2 feet long, 6.2 feet wide and 3.8 feet high when inflated, weighing 5.7 pounds. 2 handles are available on the neck for holding on. 1 ride-on per pack

These ride-ons are must-haves if you\’re throwing a pool party! They are ultra soft and comfortable when inflated, people of all ages love them and ride on them all day long! With these ride-ons, your party will stand out from all the rest!

Gone are the days when you had hassle before having fun! Have you ever taken hours to inflate a ride-on, yet in the end it still didn\’t work? NEVER AGAIN! The featured quick-inflate valve allows you to inflate these ride-ons within minutes and keeps air in nicely. You will get your party started in no time!

We care about our customers shopping experience and safety! These ride-ons are made from heavy duty vinyl material. Paired with the anit-deflation valve enables you to enjoy them for hours and hours without worrying! You will fully appreciate the workmanship when they arrive!


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